EZ-BARB: The Original Post Mounted Wire Dispenser

EZ-BARB: The Original Post Mounted Wire Dispenser

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The patent pending EZ-Barb is the original post mounted wire dispenser.

The need for two people to build barbed wire fences is a thing of the past, the EZ-Barb allows one person to easily and most importantly safely build barbed wire fences by taking the stress off your back and putting it on the post. The most common method of dispensing barbed wire is by placing a pipe through the roll of wire, creating a makeshift spindle, which is both dangerous and quite exhausting.

For years, many manufacturers have produced barbed wire dispensing devices. However, they all have one thing in common, they make the user carry the heavy roll of wire. While carrying a roll of wire may not be that difficult for some, many including myself have quite a bit of trouble carrying a full roll especially on uneven terrain. With the EZ-Barb, the user no longer has to lug around the heavy and sharp roll of barbed wire. The EZ-Barb mounts to any metal T-post and allows the user to take the loose end of the wire, letting the T-post hold the weight of the roll.